Weight Tracker

Monitor your weight, BMI, body fat percentage, and measurements to get a complete overview of your health progress.

Top features to simplify Your Weight Loss Journey!

Tracking weight

Weight Tracking

Stay on target with daily weight entries.

Measurements tracking

Measurements Tracker

Monitor body measurements to see change.

Weight goals

Gain and Loss

Track both weight gain and loss for diverse fitness goals.

BMI calculators

Integrated Calculators

Stay informed with built-in weight, BMI, and body fat calculators.

Weight analysis

Weight Analysis

Analyze your weight trends with interactive charts.

Ideal weight

Ideal Weight

Discover your ideal weight for informed goal setting.

More than a tracker,
WeightLog is your ultimate weight loss companion

Alarms icon

Timely Reminders

Keep your health journey consistent and uninterrupted with our timely reminders, designed to help you log your progress regularly.

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Visualized Progress

Document your journey through pictures, visualizing the strides you've made towards your health goals, marking milestones, and celebrating transformations.

Notes icon

Take Notes

Capture personal insights, observations, and key details of your health journey, adding depth to your weight diary.


WeightLog is designed for those committed to achieving their ideal weight. It allows you to monitor your weight and BMI, track body measurements, and understand your health status.

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